Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Music of Easter

I’ve been trying for the last 2 weeks to walk at least a mile every morning and I’ve been increasing it slowly- I ‘m up to 3.2 miles -getting ready for a 5K.  Unfortunately, my knees have not been on the same game plan, even though I have sent them the memo!  One of the drugs I have to take (for 5 years) is horrible on the joints-almost crippling.  Jogging is out – my knees explode with the simplest of tasks, so I have resigned myself to walking.   One of the great things I have discovered is the power of music while moving.   I crack myself up – the first time I put on the earphones, I literally thought I was Rocky off to train for the greatest fight of his life.  I took off lightening speed out of the driveway.  The truth is the only difference from the day before was Music! 
The other day I read a story that my cousin’s boyfriend had posted about a weird phenomena that had occurred in Pakistan.    A huge flood covered a community so much that the residents had to evacuate.  When the people returned the water was still spread out over most of the devastated area, however the trees were completely covered with spider webs.  When the floods came, the spiders took refuge in the trees.   It was creepy and had a ghastly appearance, but there was also something amazing that happened!  The presence of all these spider webs brought forth something of life giving value– a net for the mosquitoes.  The mortality rate due to malaria is 16% in this rural area!  You can image the joyful sounds even after a devastating flood –life would continue, perhaps even stronger.   
 While walking I pondered on these two concepts.  As Easter is approaching –I’ve decided that this is exactly what Easter is… the music of life from the power of Resurrection!   We need a reality check of what Easter means Everyday!  What makes you preserve?  Maybe it’s music, the strength of friends, laughter, or even prayer.  This is what we call our encouragements, however - I call it Easter!  In the middle of a crisis, there is always a thread of wonder.  What seems hopeless or over may just be the beginning of something new.  That’s all Easter too!  I’m challenged to look at problems in a completely different light; it is a place to find the music - the music of Easter.Praises to You my Blessed Redeemer!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Umbugelical Cord"

Umbungelical  Cord  
Definition:- the invisible cord in which a mother provides life giving advice, love and nurture to her children no matter the age.   This incredible cord has the ability to stretch to amazing lengths.  It will snatch the very core of her offspring and bounce them back to their mother’s heart.   Unlike an umbilical cord , it can never be severed. 
Today, I had a breakfast meeting with a friend from a network group.  She waited until the very end of the meeting after others had left to ask me to keep her in prayer.  I said, “sure”, “what’s up?”  I had expected something horrible and was ready to stand in the gap with prayer until heaven intervened.  With tears in her eyes, she said, (dramatic pause) “my daughter has announced she is moving to Washington.”  The fact is -her daughter is 24 and a great kid.   I smiled and encouraged her, but felt her pain.  The pain of distance as our loved ones move away from home or begin that new journey in life where they don’t  need us as much.
A week and a half ago, our youngest changed his status from dependent college student to husband.  I couldn’t be happier for him or my wonderful new daughter in law, however it tugs on the heart strings of a momma knowing he is not her little boy any longer.  I rest in the fact that my chubby little 2 year old that always made us laugh is now a grown man with dreams of his own -grounded in faith, family and friends.   Our shared umbungelical cord is intact!  

 Blessings Ben and Heather!