Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm His Favorite!

 Tommy wrapped his finger a little tighter around his mother’s hand.  He loved their special moments together.  His mom cuddled him close and whispered, “don’t tell the others, but you are really my favorite.”   His heart soared at the thought because he was her best kept secret! 
Seventy five years later, Tommy stood at the chapel with his siblings for the funeral of his parent.   Each child stood to testify of the goodness of their mother.  Their mom’s love was far greater than any of them could have imagined, for she had a secret with each of them.   All of them had been told “don’t  tell the others, but you are really my favorite!” 
I felt that way this morning because God met me on Las Posas Road with the silliest of ways.  He made my heart soar!  You see, I’m God’s favorite!  
 As I went about my 7 am walk, I was listening to a song called “You loved me anyway” by Sideway Prophets.    It is a song about brokenness and being the worst of the worst, however God’s love penetrates beyond all reason and He loves us so unconditionally.   I was reflecting upon my leadership group at church.  We have been discussing how many of us perceive love as something that comes with performance.   Whether this notion was self imposed or something our parents did it to us, we respond as we grow older by never feeling good enough or becoming work alcoholics.   The older I get the more I’m aware of how lost and broken I am and in need of  a Savior.  You’d think I’d be focused on my outstanding Christian accomplishments and ride on the wings of angels trumpeting - how God is with me.  - Nope not by a long shot.  I think God has me just where he wants me – broken.   
  So here I am singing out loud with my earbuds on, “… and You loved me anyway…”  My arms are moving up and down to the rhythm of the beat.   My hand naturally formed a cup as it reached back with the swing of momentum; I felt it couple around something wet and soft.  FREAKED OUT, my hand jerked forward and attached to it was the juicy muzzle of a huge Pit Bull! He had spooned his jowls into the palm of my hand. 
Now, I can’t imagine of a more powerful dog. Known for their bite, hold and shake actions, I was scared to death.  This super structure would have me by the neck and I would be laid out on the sidewalk of a main thoroughfare in Camarillo.  How poetic for the dog lover that her last days on earth would end by means of a dog.  
Like receiving an heart-filled  encouragement after a rough day, so my troubles changed in that instant.   Mr. Pit Bull jumped in front of me and wagged his tail like the annoying kid in the front row at school trying to get noticed !  Let me tell you,  I NOTICED! This incredible Hulk was a cupcake!   I stroked his coarse fur and renamed him, “Lover Boy.”   He was screaming, “ you’re my favorite, you’re my favorite!,  I don’t know where he came from, but he followed me for the rest of my mile and then we turned around and walked back.  As I neared my street, Lover Boy snuggled close for another hug then turned and went up another direction.  
 I got the message from the God today.  He used His friend , Lover Boy to tell me that no matter how powerful, strong and mighty God is, he is so gentle with me.   I know why too – “I’m His favorite!”