Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"We'ed" be happy you are gone!

This morning I had a flashback of a crazy event that took place about 6 years ago.   Doug and I had the day off, but first Doug had to drop off some papers at his work.  We parked the car in front of his building and he quickly ran in.  Patiently waiting for his return, I noticed a 5 foot weed growing in one of their well groomed planters.  It was mystifying how a gardener could miss such a thing.  It was so out of balance like a tusk of an elephant sitting on a hamster head.   I just kept staring at this oddity and my unrest to remove it, could wait no longer.  It would take just a minute or two and I’d be back in the car before Doug returned.
I jumped out of the car, grabbed that monster about a foot from ground and began yanking!  I’m pretty sure the roots of that beast had been working its way to China.  I’d rock it a little and then pull with brute force.  The top of it brushed against my face and hair causing my eyes to water.   Now I was just plain determined – it was coming out!   I had it straddled and was employing my inner woman power, when it started to give in to my demands. 
About this time my puzzled husband came out of the office.  His mouth gapped open and his blank stare had evaporated into his face, he said, “what the heck are you doing?”   I replied adamantly, “this does not belong here, so I thought I’d just take it out.” Puffing under strain, I added, “and how the heck could a gardener miss this?”   With one last pull, finally Goliath fell to David.   Doug shook his head, looked around to see if any co-workers had seen his wife’s great accomplishment, and slowly got in the car.  Satisfied and smiling, I jumped in beside him, after all -our adventure had begun for the day.
The reason I recalled that story this morning is while I was walking, I discovered yet once again another weed standing out in a planter.   I’ll let you guess how I handled it.   The reason behind my madness is not that I cannot tolerate weeds in any form, because I certainly have weeds in my garden, but it is about beauty and balance.  If by pulling one weed, it can change the look and feel of space then why not just pull it out and be done with it?  I cannot allow one little weed distraction to take away the nourishment and growth of something amazing.  Call me an oddball, but I am consumed with beauty being fulfilled!
I pondered on the thought of this truth today - Maybe God’s motivation isn’t that He is so concerned about the weeds or sin in our lives.  And most likely, He is not up there obsessing about our failures.   He is just into making us something wonderful and weeds get in the way of this process.   He wants to provide us with the best possible environment to blossom in.  With the gentle tug of His tender arms, God has a way of getting to the roots in our lives – the roots that interfere with the exquisite being He so loves.    So, today I reaffirm our relationship God; - Please continue to make me beautiful Lord!