Friday, June 10, 2011

My favorite Cowgirl

You know the cartoon with the horse that has a carrot dangling before him?  No matter how hard he chases that orange delight, it’s always about 12 inches in front of him.  Well… there you have it- my secret nightmare.   I am terrified that I will be caught in some wind tunnel, and off will go my wig.  Despite my best efforts, I will run and run only to have it blow out of reach.  It will be a never ending game. Did I mention that in my distress, I’d be running billiard bald with sporadic hair strands?   Sounds funny and it probably would be, but why subject myself to public humiliation if I don’t have to?
So…  you can see my dilemma when choosing to go on vacation this year – no jet boats, no windy ocean trips,  no swimming pools and look out for campfires ( melted synthetic hair is not a good look either).   So my hubby and I took off with some good friends to the Grand Canyon and worked our way back through Las Vegas.   I was still a little anxious about this adventure concerning my hairpiece.  I like to consider myself a strong woman, but this one thing breaks me down because I think about it every minute if weather is bad.  I quietly sucked it up.
I’m pretty sure the hallmark of a good friend is someone who just is, without even trying.   I am blessed to have someone like that in my life – Kathy Hart.  When we got to the Grand Canyon the night before, Kathy being the silly girl she is, said “l’m gonna buy a cowboy hat!”  Now I thought about that, but wearing a hat is cool if you decided you want to wear one.  It is frustrating if you Have to wear one to hold things in place.  However, I looked at her beaming smile and saw her game!  We were on vacation and this was Cowboy town!   I bought a hat too. 
The next morning we woke up, put our “cowgirl “on and headed for the Canyon!   I faced wind completely fearless since I was cinched up!  We laughed and didn’t have the slighted care of what others thought of us.   Never once did I feel like Kathy was doing it for me because I was broken, she was just being Kathy!   From that one adventure it empowered me to jump in the pool at Vegas, and later in the week , sit by at campfire!   We may never catch all the carrots or things we think we must have in order to feel good about ourselves, however I’ve discovered friendship is nothing I have to chase.  It just is.  Thank you Kathy for making my trip, but mostly for being an awesome Cowgirl!