Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Dog, Boomer speaks “Godaneeze”

Every time I feel frustrated with the fact there are things in my life that I am still dealing with like: selfishness, lack of organization, lack of follow-through (just to name a few )- I remember my dog- Boomer.  You see, Boomer gave me a prophetic word one day – yep seriously –He speaks “Godaneeze”. 
About 3 years ago, Boomer’s daily activity greeted me as I came home for lunch.  Ripped pages, old photos, several books and several pieces of laundry strewn across my backyard.  With a new puppy, I had learned to put my valuables out of reach, but he always outsmarted me.   He’d work his way around my barricades and get to the “good” stuff.   Needless to say, like most puppy owners, I was reaching my “patience-o-meter”!    Coupled with the fact, Boomer was SO excited that Mommy was home!  Urrrr.  
I braced myself and stepped into the land of littered despair.  I gave that “I mean business buddy look” and he pranced around with his butt in air and wagged his tail.   The talk wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.  Every time I’d approach, he’d back away and dance the defiant tease.  I finally got a hold of his collar.  Up went his dirty fun filled paws on my clean white shirt and left smudges of love all over it!  I looked Boomer square in the eye and said, “THAT’S IT! YOU ARE DONE BUSTER!” 
It was about this time, I noticed a white sheet of notebook paper still hanging off his black lips.  I unglued what was left off and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  On the torn sheet of paper were these words, “God is not as consumed with who I am right now, as much as who I will become.  I am still growing and learning.”    Boomer had gotten into an old journal of mine.  This was a note I had written to myself and here it was - being played out.    I flopped on the ground beside my young destroyer and he nestled his head on my lap.   I forgot about the work clothes I had on and held him and laughed at this ridiculous situation. 
Who would have known, that my river dog would speak the heart of God?  Three years later, Boomer is still becoming, but then again - so am I.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not wasting my Cancer

It happened again in church this morning- that place of complete unworthiness -being reminded I have been given another gift of life from God.  I get undone at times like this - thinking about all the amazing people who have fought the good fight, then lost.  It's their families that press on so joyfully still helping others that get to me.   They are ones who are champions of faith - not me.  For instance, one of our friends lost a twently something son to cancer, they are usually the first ones to pray for me.  They pray with such passion, such faith and such love that one would never know their own personal journey.  So how come I win? or better yet why did I not win?  Isn't it the question we all ask at times?   I don't deserve more than anyone else- I sin as much as the next person and all sin is equal anyway. 
    There is a reason I'm here.  It's purpose. God help me not to squander my purpose on self service. I choose to live for Him because I am His design.  My journey has taught me many things - but none so greater than this- my life is not MY life, in fact life does not belong any of us. It is a gift.  Cancer has many horrible effects attached to it, however there are some very beautiful things it does for the soul and spirit if one doesn't waste it.   I'm not wasting mine! So salty tears may run down my cheek from time to time, but only becasue I burst with the knowledge of what Grace really is.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My favorite thing at work... "yes, I'll transfer you to my Manager!"

  I'm usually just an earshot away from staff when I hear them handle a angry call   You can tell that the customer is blasting them.  They don't even have a chance to validate the customer's feelings.. Blah, Blah, Blah and then comes the words I can magically hear through the silent air-  "I want to speak to your Manager !."    The funny part is the moment the call is transferred and I address myself  and then ask "How can I help you?"  The customer's tone becomes very submissive and  as sweet as tea.  Go figure?  Seriously, what happens in those 2 or 3 micro seconds during the transfer?  It cracks me up that people cow tow to a title especially if they knew that I don't kill flies - I let them out the window.